Sell Property


Selling your home can be an overwhelming and emotional task. Price it too high…it’ll remain on the market too long and people could think there is something wrong with it. Price it too low…and you lose value.

You need to make sure you have that perfect balance of price, and presentation. We utilize our industry expertise to help you accomplish this by using our proven process to sell your home fast, at a desirable price, without you losing tons of sleep in the process.

The bottom line is this…the market changes. But the ability to sell your home will be based your ability to bring targeted, qualified buyers to the table. That’s what we do.

Here's How We Do It

STEP 1: Meet and Tour Your Property

We tour the house to give you a professional value assessment in its current condition.

STEP 2: Provide you with all the documents you need to sell your home.

Most people don’t think of it like this, but selling your home is a legal process, so we need to make sure you legally protected as you go through the process.

STEP 3: Improvements to increase the value

You may be handy or you may want to contract the projects out. Either way, we can decide on strategies that will help you get the best ROI on your improvements. I have seen clients turn a couple thousand dollar improvement into a $20,000 increase in sale price.

If you need a contractor, I have a network of trusted experts to help you with whatever your needs are.

STEP 4: Home Staging & House Cleaning

Presentation is key. Most people lack vision. You need to help them create that vision. Doing so will pay for itself. We have relationships with some great designers and stagers that can create the vision people need to see, which often increases the sale amount significantly.

STEP 5: Market Your Home

In a COVID world we want to make sure all parties are brought to the table. Like it or not, buyer behaviors have been pushed online. Real estate is no different.

We blend the best of classic real estate marketing while leveraging the the most modern strategies and technology to make sure that no matter how people are searching, they will see your home.


These are oldies, but goodies. That’s why we still do them 😉

  1. We begin by getting the property photographed so it presents at the highest level possible.

  2. We create a custom designed data/info sheet for prospective buyers.

  3. List your house on the MLS so every real estate agent in the state can find it.

  4. We will run open houses to attract more drive by traffic.


Now more than ever, people are making decisions online. The key to success is making it so buyers and their agents see your house as many places as possible.

  1. Virtual video tour

  2. Shared on Facebook, YouTube, and MLS listings

  3. Increases eyes on the property.

  4. Increases amount of tours your property receives (with more interested buyers – since they have more clarity on what the home ACTUALLY looks like)


  6. Google Ads

  7. Google is the #1 search engine in the world. If people are searching for a home, they are likely doing a Google search for “Homes for sale in “pick your city”).

  8. We will advertise your property for specific keywords and phrases on Google.

  9. We always have campaigns running on Google to find buyers in areas we have properties listed.

  10. YouTube

  11. As the #2 Search Engine in the world, you need to make sure your property tour is on YouTube.

  12. To make it better, YouTube is owned by Google, which gives better organic (FREE) exposure on Google.

  13. Share the YouTube video on social media platforms

  14. Our agent Facebook pages

  15. Specific community Facebook groups

  16. Geotargeted Facebook ads (to people in that area) for open houses.

  17. Facebook LIVES during open houses to get hot traffic.

STEP 6: Negotiate for you like you are family

Negotiating the sale and closing deal in real estate is an art form. You know the old phrase, “Don’t B.S. a”? That’s 100% applicable in Real Estate negotiating.

Our team has decades of experience purchasing investment properties and using every tool in the toolbelt to get the best deal possible – so when people try to use those tactics on us, we know exactly how to handle it.

STEP 7: Accept Offer, Manage Steps for Closing

Once the offer is accepted, we will help you manage and coordinate everything that needs to be done for a successful transition of the property.

Everyone comes to us at a different stage of home “readiness”. Does your home need some light updating? More substantial renovation? Is it refreshed but could use some staging? Is it gorgeously show-ready and needs only the most luxury buying experiences?